A lot of people wonder what the difference is between the newer Seamless Clip-in extensions compared to older traditional Clip-in extensions. The hair extensions industry is constantly evolving and improving current products. In fact Seamless Clip-in extensions are one of those improved products and is fairly new on the market. In this post we will share all the features of each one of these two variations so you can make the best choice for you when purchasing your very own set of Clip-in extensions.

Here’s what you need to know.

Traditional Stitched Weft

Here the hairs are stitched onto a fabric strip on to which clips are attached. At the wefts the hair strands are folded and there will be short hairs around 2-3 cm under the stitched weft.



Seamless Clip-in hair extensions

Here the hairs are bonded onto a silicone strip on to which the clips are attached. There is no sewing and therefore no seams hence the name seamless. There is also no need to fold the hair strands at the strips and so there will be no shorter hairs on top which can be itchy against scalp. The seamless wefts are flatter and smoother and therefore more comfortable to wear against the scalp. 

Both types of extensions serve the exact same purpose. They add instant volume and length, are easy to clip in and out and does not damage your own natural hair.

So what’s the main difference between the two?


Traditional Weft
  • Hair is sewn onto a piece of fabric
  • Weft is thicker
  • Weft is textured
  • Hair more prone to shedding
  • Wefts can be itchy
  • Looks bulkier under hair


Seamless Weft
  • Hair is bonded onto a silicone strip
  • Weft is thinner
  • Less shedding of hair
  • More comfortable wear
  • Flat under hair



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