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Dark Blonde Ash

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Our hair extensions are made of 100% Premium Remy human hair. The hair is double drawn which means that it is full from the roots to ends. The hair strands have been carefully hand selected to eliminate short damaged hairs. Therefor no wispy ends. Our hair extensions have the cuticles intact to eliminate tangling.

  • The Seamless wefts are light and lay flat against your hair for a comfortable and discreet wear.
  • Easy to put-in and take-out for an instant transformation.
  • No Silicone coating
  • Package comes with 6 pieces (120g) or 9 pieces (180g). These have been carefully designed to
    blend in well and to eliminated heavy pull on your own hair.
  • Hot styling tool friendly. Holds curls well.
  • With proper care your hair extensions can last well for over a year.

Frequently asked questions

How long does Beauty Lengths hair extensions last?

With proper care our hair extensions can last for over a year. Factors such as excess washing, use of hot styling tools and colouring can affect the hairs longevity.

Can I wash the clip-in hair?

Yes, the hair extensions can be washed. Ideally wash the hair after around 15 wears or when there is excess product build up on the hair making it difficult to manage. Only use gentle shampoos free of sulphate and alcohol to not dry out the hair. We recommend to use a conditioner for coloured hair after wash, before rinse to maintain the hairs natural softness. Generally, the less often you wash the hair the longer they will last.

Can I use hot styling products on the hair?

Yes, our hair extensions are made with 100% human hair . The use of hot styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons as well as blow drying the hair is all possible. However, we recommend using a lower heat setting and a heat protection serum on the hair in order to extend the longevity.

Can I bleach my Beauty Lengths hair extensions?

Although our hair extensions are made with 100% human Remy hair we do not recommend bleaching the hair as this can dry out the hair. Any bleaching done will be at the customers own discretion.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Since the hair extensions are made of 100% human hair it can be dyed. The hair should only be dyed darker never lighter using semi-permanent dye.
Any colouring done will be at the customers own discretion as desired outcome can not be
guaranteed. Beauty Lengths can therefor not be held accountable if the results do not come out as

Will the clip-in extensions damage my hair?

No, if worn correctly clip-in hair extensions should not damage your own hair. Clip-ins can be easily put in and taken out. Our clip-in sets are specifically designed to be as light and comfortable as possible. Our sets have more wefts compared to other brands in order to minimise excess weight and pulling on your own hair. This also allows for a better blend with your natural hair. We recommend not to wear the extensions for longer than 12h at a time.

How is your extensions different from other brands?

Beauty Lengths are made with 100% Remy human hair. Our hair is double drawn which means that we offer more hair per pack. The hair looks healthy and is naturally full from roots to end. No wispy ends. Each set has been designed to be as comfortable as possible and to avoid that heavy pulling sensation that other brands usually cause.

How do you apply tape-in extensions? Can I do it myself?

We do not advice you to put in the tape-in extensions on your own. Please have them put in by a
licensed hair stylist or other experienced personals.

Does applying tape-in hair extensions require heat?

No tools or heat is required to apply our tape-in hair extensions.

Will the tape-in extensions damage my hair?

When properly installed and maintained our tape-in hair extensions will not damage your own natural hair. There are no chemicals or heat tools used in the application. Please have them installed by a trained processional experienced in applying tape-in hair extensions to ensure proper application and no damage.

How many times can the tape-in extensions be reused?

Depending on how well the extensions are maintained they can generally be used up to three times.
New tape-strips can be attached on the wefts every time.

How long can you wear tape-in extensions?

This depends on how fast your own natural hair grows. Generally, the extensions need to be reattached every 8 weeks.

Additional information

Dimensions50.8 cm

20" / 50.8 cm


120g, 180g

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