Having fine thin hair can be a struggle at times when it comes to styling and achieving volume. Clip-in hair extensions are a great tool for this. You can instantly and easily achieve volume and fullness without causing any damage to your own hair. 

Our 120g Clip-in set is specifically designed for thinner hair and is the best choice for this purpose. One set contains 6 wefts that are light and flat for a comfortable wear. The reduced number of wefts makes it easier to hide the extensions and blend with your fine hair. The wearer will still achieve great volume and length with a beautiful natural result.  Additionally, the thin Seamless silicon weft is much flatter than regular sewn wefts allowing the hair extensions to attach flat against the scalp and so concealed easier.  

We have listed a few tips on how to best use hair extensions for thin hair.


If you have very thin hair you might not need to clip in the whole set. The best thing is to gradually attach the wefts and see how that blends with your natural hair. Sometimes some wefts can be left out depending on what result you are after. 


Although all our extensions come in one length (50cm/20“), the hair can be cut to whatever length that is desired. Perhaps you just want to add that extra fullness/volume to your own hair length without adding extra inches. The easiest way is to clip in the hair extensions and then cut the ends to the desired length. Even though this can be done at home, we do suggest bringing along the hair extensions to your hair dresser and have it cut there for a more accurate cut. 


Back comb your hair at the roots. When you have very thin hair there will be little hair for the extensions to attach to. Also very fine smooth hair makes it easier for the extensions to slide out. By back combing your roots with a comb you create better texture and grip for your hair extensions to attach to. Back combing also creates more volume. 

Tip No4

Style your hair.

Once you have clipped in your extensions curl your hair together with the extensions to further blend everything together. Use a curling tong or your flat iron to create beautiful glamorous curls. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to brush the curls out for a flawless finish. 

Finally, let your hair down and enjoy that gorgers bouncy hair!

If you have any other good tips of your own please share in the comment section below 🙂