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Hair Quality

Beauty Lengths extensions are made with 100% high quality human hair strands. A common misconception amongst shoppers is that the heavier the extensions the thicker the hair. This is not always the case as a lot of retailers ad short hairs to their extensions to add weight. The extensions will have thick roots but thin wispy ends that do not blend with your own natural hair. Our hair is double drawn, which means that the hair goes through a thorough sorting process where these short damaged hairs are carefully removed. The final result are hair extensions that are full from roots to bottom for a more natural finish with maximum volume. No wispy ends!

Gentle Osmosis colouring process

Beauty Lengths do not use harsh chemicals or bleach on our hair extensions which would otherwise damage the texture of the hair. We use a gentle osmosis bath that slowly removes the hair pigments from the raw hair whilst keeping the cuticles and natural shine of the hair in tact.
Once the hair has been depigmented the desired colour can be applied. The final hair extensions are made by a subtle blend of different shades for a flawless natural result.


  • Beauty Lengths hair extensions can be washed and handled just like your own natural hair.
  • Our hair remains soft and smooth wash after wash.
  • Tangle free
  • When wet, the hair forms a natural wave.
  • Hot styling tool friendly. Blow dry, Flat iron or use curling irons just like you would with your own hair
  • If handled with care our hair extensions can last for over a year.

Why Beauty Lengths Seamless Clip-Ins

  • Flat and comfortable wefts.
  • Secure non-damaging clips
  • Easy to put in and take out on your own
  • 100% Premium Remy human hair
  • More wefts for better blend and less pull on natural hair
  • Full thick ends for natural look
  • Long Lasting

Why Beauty Lengths Tape-Ins

  • Strong non damaging tape
  • Thinner tape width for better concealment
  • Premium Remy human hair of finest quality
  • Hair cuticles intact so no tangling
  • Full thick ends for natural look
  • Less packs needed for lengthening with full ends
  • Soft and shiny hair wash after wash
  • Can be re-applied
  • Long lasting
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